New Years Resolutions for your home

While many New Year’s resolutions focus on self-improvement, be it exercise, new skills, or healthy diet, many of us could benefit from some home improvement resolutions.

After all, the home you live in affects your daily moods and the air you breathe, and when it comes time to sell your home, you’ll want to have maintained it well throughout the years. Consider adopting these New Year’s Resolutions to keep your home healthy, safe, and economical.

Resolve to Test: Stay Safe This Year

One major item found in home inspections is a need for Radon testing. By scheduling a check, you can make sure that the Radon coming up from the ground into your home is at reasonable levels and not above any safe limits.

This is also a good time of year to make sure you have enough smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and that they are equipped with fresh batteries. Most smoke detectors need battery replacements every six months, so make sure you mark your calendar to do this later in the year as well, or consider switching to alarms with a power source that lasts for up to 10 years.

Resolve to Lower Your Bills: Make Your Home More Efficient 

Using low-flow toilets, efficient showerheads, and LED bulbs are just some of the ways you can start to cut down on the bills in your home. Other ways to make the house more efficient include installing smart thermostats like Nest, which allow you to control the temperature of your home from afar using a cell phone app. This way, you can ensure that the house is receiving minimal HVAC when no one is home to benefit from it.

If you have an older home with drafty windows and walls, consider whether or not added insulation or caulking could help retain heat and cooling better. You can also employ the time-tested methods of making sure you turn off lights when you leave a room, dry clothing on a line whenever the weather allows, and unplug chargers when your electronics are fully juiced.

Resolve to Clean out your Gutters and Examine the Roof

It’s easy to neglect the exterior and top parts of your house when you spend so many hours indoors. This year, one resolution could be to examine the gutters in a variety of weather conditions, including rain and ice, and make sure that they are routing water away from the foundation of your home. Getting a professional to check them and give you a quote for any maintenance or repair is a good step in the right direction.

Roofs also need maintenance, and a faulty roof can cause hundreds of dollars of damage down below if not properly repaired. Make sure that you know how all shingled surfaces, chimneys, and other roof surfaces are doing, and start budgeting to make changes and repairs so that the rest of your house stays as solid and strong as the day it was built.

Resolve to Exercise Your DIY Skills

Think about the projects you’ve put off, either because they seem too expensive or too work intensive, and try to find small steps you can take toward getting them accomplished. For some, this is a simple matter of installing surge protectors for all electronics or hanging a motion-sensitive light outside to light the way to the back door at night.

For others, it might be installing a better deadbolt on your door, a sturdy cat or dog door, or adding weatherstripping around key doors and windows. Inventory the elements of your home that you would like to improve and start dividing up the tasks, because DIY is not only cheaper for many small home tasks, it also burns some of those calories that people are so eager to burn this time of year!

When your New Year’s Resolution involves buying or selling a home, you may need more advice to figure out what the next steps are, though all of the above will put you in a good position to start the process. To get a home inspection that will fuel your 2018 plans and protect your home and family, contact us.

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