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Commercial Inspections

Commercial PCA Reports

No one person has all the necessary technical knowledge to perform all aspects of every commercial inspection.  That is why JAKEHome Inspections uses the TEAM (Technical Experts and Management) approach to commercial inspections.  I take on the role as the TEAM leader and coordinate the team of expert consultants.  I will assemble the various technical reports, interpret the data and present the results to you in a simple-to-understand report.  The PCA (Property Condition Assessment) report is composed in accordance with ASTM standard E2018-15.

The team of specialists include the following:

 Structural Engineer
Environmental Auditor when the transaction requires a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
Fire Protection Specialist
Elevator Specialist
And other specialists that may be needed for unique property features such as swimming pools and their respective equipment, seawalls, retaining walls, septic systems and escalators.