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Basement, Crawl Space, Slab On Grade, Floors, Walls, Vertical and Horizontal Structural Members When Visually Available and Ceilings

Wall Claddings, Flashings and Trim; Entryway Doors and Windows; Garage Doors and Operators (remote controls not included), Decks, Balconies, Porches, Steps and Railings, Soffits and Fascias
Vegetation Encroaching on House, Grading, Drainage, Driveways, Patios, Walkways and Retaining Walls Directly Affecting the Home 

Covering, Roof Drainage System(s), Flashings, Skylights, Chimneys, Roof Penetrations; Look for Signs of Leaks or Abnormal Condensation on Building Components

Water Distribution System Such as Piping Materials, Fixtures and Faucets, Functional Flow, Water Pressure, Leaks;  I will Look for Cross Connections; Water Drainage, Inspect Waste and Vent System, Traps, Hot Water System, Hot Water Operating Controls, Chimney, Flues and Vents, Fuel Storage and Distribution Systems, Interior Fuel Storage Equipment, Supply Piping, Sump Pumps and Seismic Bracing

Service Entrance Conductors, Service Equipment, Grounding Equipment, Main Overcurrent Device(s), Main and Distribution Panels, Amperage and Voltage Rating of the Service, Branch Circuit Conductors, their Overcurrent Devices and the Compatibility of their Ampacities and Voltages, Polarity and Grounding of All Receptacles Within 6 Feet of Interior Plumbing Fixtures, All Receptacles in the Garage or Carport and on the Exterior of the Structures, Service Type as Being Overhead or Underground, Location of Main and Distribution Panels

Heating & Cooling:
Permanently Installed Heating Equipment, Normal Operating Controls, Automatic Safety Controls, Check Temperature Rise Between Registers and Return Air, Chimneys, Flues, Vents, Solid Fuel Heating Systems, Heat Distribution Systems such as Pipes, Fans, Ducts and Piping with Supports, Dampers, Insulation, Air Filters, Registers, Radiators, Fan-Coil Units and Convectors; The Presence of an Installed Heat Source in Each Room, Energy Source and Main Fuel Shutoff

Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Steps, Stairways, Balconies and Railings, Counters, Cabinets, Kitchen Appliances, Doors, Windows, Fire Separation Walls Where Applicable and Safety Glazing in Locations Subject to Human Impact